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Depression, Anxiety & Sleep Disorders

Ayurvedic treatment for depression includes herbal aids, detox, and Meditation practices.

  • 2 hours
  • 299 Polish zlotys
  • Nowogrodzka 42

Service Description

Depression is termed as a low emotional state that lasts for a long time and affects a person’s well-being. The individual may experience loss of interest in activities, loss of appetite or overeating, and a low self esteem. It can occur in children as well as during adolescents. According to Ayurveda, there are two main causes for emotional imbalance – (1) When the three Doshas - Vata, Pitta, and Kapha are not at their optimal levels (2) Lack of awareness of one’s deeper, inner self Depression is caused due to a Kapha imbalance where the brain’s electrochemistry has an erratic overreaction (Vata imbalance), which triggers a loss of enzymatic activity in the metabolism (Pitta imbalance). Kapha can result in heaviness, darkness, anxiety, stress, and stagnation of mind and body which can cause hopelessness and depression. Depression can also be caused due to Pitta disorder where allergies and breakdown of metabolic processes can disturb brain chemistry. This can cause mood swings and depression. Vata imbalance can also cause depression. Kapha responds by trying to glue everything down, bringing about Heaviness,Darkness,Anxiety,Stress. Sometimes depression is a Pitta disorder. Allergies and as a result, the breakdown in metabolic processes can also disturb emotional health. This can cause dramatic mood swings, with depression as one of the consequences. When Vata is not at an optimal level, it can also be a cause of depression. Ayurveda treatment uses natural ingredients and remedies and it focuses on creating a balance between the central doshas. So there are very minimal or no side effects of Ayurvedic treatments for depression. There are some signs of depression such as mood variations, change in sleeping habits, unusual weight gain or loss, constant feeling of guilt, slow thought processing, negative thoughts, low self-esteem, and thoughts of death or suicide. The Ayurveda treatment for depression consists of internal herbal medicines & supplements along with Meditation Session by Dr Harpreet, which reduce the level of stress hormones in the brain, change the EEG pattern of the brain and puts it into a relaxed state. This helps in not only reducing mental and emotional health issues like anxiety levels and stress but also aids in improving the cognitive functions of a person ,intellect and memory enhancement, increase in concentration abilities and sound sleep patterns. The efficacy of the treatments is enhanced by meditation and counselling sessions.

Contact Details

  • Moya Ajurweda, First Floor, Nowogrodzka, Warsaw, Poland

    +48 731641688

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