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Do not Abstane from Magical Ghee/Clarified Butter

Ghee/ Clarified Butter is listed in Caraka Samhita as one of the eleven food items recommended for daily consumption - Nityasevaniya Ahaara. This not only points to its goodness as a daily nourisher but it was also considered a food that does not harm daily consumption. Several of many Sanskrit & vernacular names for ghee are indicative of its goodness, such as pavitra indicating the purity of ghee, ajya portraying the long-lasting nature of ghee, amrita representing the life-giving qualities of nectar, and tejas representing the potency of ghee. This Ghee/Clarified Butter predominantly comprises 99.5 % fat and less than 0.5 % moisture content. Furthermore, ghee is a source of fat-soluble vitamins including vitamin A (28.21 ± 0.142 IU/g), vitamin D (11.42 ± 0.425 IU/g), vitamin E (31.55 ± 1.109 IU/g), vitamin K, and phospholipids.

Ghee is a glass jar and flowers
Ghee/Clarified Butter

The top five benefits mentioned in the research are cognitive health, gut health, nourishing benefits, vision and ear, nose and throat health, and cleansing and respiratory health.🔥Modern scientific literature on Ghee/clarified butter has largely focused on the cardiovascular health risks of consumption of ghee and that too primarily due to its saturated fatty acid composition.

A few studies show directionally positive results meriting further research. They indicate the potential of ghee as a functional food in preventing and treating various diseases, including tumors/cancers, skin conditions, eye health, and wound healing.

As a very crucial part of ayurvedic treatment, we practitioners use medicated ghrita (clarified butter) to treat various health ailments, In which we infuse the goodness of herbs in ghee, increasing the medicinal effect of ghrita and herbs.🔥

Following are some Ayurveda Promised Benefits and uses of Ghee:-

1. CNS/Cognitive benefits

2. Gastrointestinal health

3. Nourishing properties

4. Vision/ENT benefits

5. Cleansing and purifying

6. Rejuvenation and immunity

7. Benefits of Respiratory System

8. Excretory system benefits,

9. Voice, beauty, and complex

10. Circulatory system and heart health

11. Curing skin diseases

12. Healing properties

13. Anti-tumor properties

14. Bone health

Give good thought to using two full spoons of ghee in your daily diet.

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